Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: Where can I watch live events?

Here you can see all sports live streaming in High-Quality video and Sound, simply get a premium subscription at live24streamingtv. And enjoy unlimited sports on multiple smart devices around the Globe.

12Q: My payment is declined, what can I do?

If payment declined or rejected, then you can contact us we will provide you another bank link, so you can easily pay us and enjoy live 24 streaming service.

2Q: When this event Live?

As we all knows that there is numbers of events live throughout the year, here you can get all sports schedule and time, No problem if you are living in any place of the World, Because our system auto convert your time and you will get the exact time.

4Q: What do I have to watch?

You require at least 1.5Mb download Internet speed for our best quality, check at http://www.speedtest.net. Our service is supported in all gadgets and working frameworks: Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft, Apple TV, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, Chromecast, PS4, Smart TV and many more. You can use or live streaming service at a lower bandwidth which works over most 3G and 4G services. Make sure we are not liable for data connection charges to see the stream on any platform or service

5Q: Can I Watch recording of the event?

The live24streamingtv will offer only big events recordings, and if user request other event replays then we give VOD replay.

6Q: Do I have to download anything to see the live stream?

No, once you subscribe to our website, you will get instant access to watch live streaming, just open our member panel portal on your web and get started to watch your favorite game live on PC, laptop, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, make sure that you have a good broadband connection for video live streaming.

7Q: Why do I see Live24streamingtv when am on this domain?

Live24streamingtv.com is our main panel where user gets the access to see the live sports streaming and the domain on which you are buying is our partner website. Live24streamingtv simplify the access to unique quality content. It takes less than a minute to create account and then purchase access using Visa and MasterCard. Note, Live24streamingtv.com is not responsible for the organization of the event itself.

8Q: Why ZEESHSOFT showing in invoice?

Zeeshsoft is the company which is providing this service and because we are not scam so we introduce each customer by our parent company and you will be billed with this name.

9Q: I am based outside of the USA. Can I still watch my favorite games?

Location is not a barrier when it comes to Watch Live Sports Streaming and so you can watch the games live online from anywhere. 50% of our members are from outside of USA.

10Q: Is my Credit Card information secure?

Absolutely! Everything is secured, as our system collect limited information such as email, IP address and password. All your credit card information and other financial data is save on bank, because we don�t trust on third party payment processors like PayPal, Stripe etc

11Q: How do I get Refund?

If you purchase our premium service and you aren�t 100% satisfied with our service or don�t get the product or service, for which you purchased our service, then you can ask for to cancel your subscription within 24 hours. Refund will be not applicable after a one week.

13Q: I have issue getting to the service as I already purchased. What can i do?

If any case you forget your login details or you have faced the other problem, then you can contact us, email or talk with us through live chat, so our support team will solve your issue immediately.

14Q: What else do I need to know?

Nothing at all! Simply subscribe and get access to all your favorite sports games. For any questions contact us and our representative will contact you soon. Enjoy Live Sports Streaming.

15Q: Can I catch International games on?

Yes you can. All kinds of international games and tournaments are covered here at our site and you can always send in your request if you feel that we are missing out on a great match.

16Q: My friend is also interested in this great service. Can he use my account as well?

For security reasons we allow access of an account by a single user and so if a friend of yours is interested you might ask him to subscribe on our site.

We warn ahead that we track IP addresses and any account which violates the terms of our website will be suspended immediately.

3Is the live stream accessible on Cell phones?

Yes it is, when you buy our premium service you can access our service in all types of Android devices, such as, PC, laptop, Tab, iPhone, Mac, Smartphone and many more. All you need a good and high speed internet connection on your gadget.